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Known files for Shinigami Data: 4

Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Codename: agent_snowbunny
Affiliation: Shinigami, Kuchiki Clan
Weapon Name: Sode no Shirayuki
Mode(s): 1
Mode Name: Dance
Mode Ability: Freezing Shots
Other Data: Rukia Kuchiki is most frequently under the contract of the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, taking orders from Captain Juushiro Ukitake, though she occasionally will work under contract of her clan, the Kuchiki family, and take orders from her adoptive brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, who is head of the family. She takes her job very seriously and her primary concern is living up to her expectations as a member of the Kuchiki clan and the Gotei 13. She has a very high respect for her superiors as well as her fellow agents. She also has a weakness for bunnies.

Her gun, Sode no Shirayuki, is completely white, with the name engraved in a light blue serif font on the underside of the barrel. In Dance mode, it is capable of firing shots that freeze on contact, encasing whatever they hit in a thin, white sheet of ice. If whatever is surrounded in the ice is struck before the ice melts, it will shatter.

Name: Renji Abarai
Codename: straydog_sniper 
Affiliation: Shinigami
Weapon Name: Zabimaru
Mode(s): 2
Mode Name: Howl
Mode Ability 1: Extra long range with added accuracy
Mode Ability 2: Scattershot bullets that split into four pieces.
Other Data:  Renji Abarai is the Vice-Captain of the 6th Squad in the Shinigami forces.  He serves under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.  Renji grew up out on the streets of the Rukongai.

His gun, Zabimaru, is a black sniper rifle with Zabimaru printed on it in red with a style that is reminiscent of his tattoos and it fires red energy blasts.  His Howl mode has two modes to it.  The first mode adds to his already long range and improves the accuracy to go along with it, while the second mode turns the energy blasts into bullets that split into four sharp pieces before impact.

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Codename: kurosaki_xv 
Affiliation: Shinigami Substitute 
Weapon Name: Zangestu
Mode(s): 2
Mode Name 1: Tensa Zangestu
Mode Ability: Dense energy particles
Mode Name 2: Vaizard
Mode Ability: A pair of pistols with energy shots
Other Data: Ichigo was saved by Rukia and now works under Shinigami supervision and alongside her.  He uses the Roman numerals XV because they mean 15.

His gun is stuck permanently in what other Shinigami would consider to be their first mode.  As such his energy shots are stronger than most and blue in color. 
His first mode is Tensa Zangestu which is a sawn-off break action shotgun is black with silver letters XV and Zangetsu engraved on the wood butt stock of the shotgun, the letters are in garamond style, and the numbers are in Roman numerals with lead shot ammo of dense energy particles. He has to reload and only has two shots before he reloads again but a hit will release the energy on to the target.
His Vaizard mode is two pairs of semi automatic M1911 pistols filled with the same energy matter but as 6 single shots in each cartridge. The energy is much stronger in each single bullet but this mode is volatile and not yet fully mastered. Both pistols are silver with XV and Zangetsu engraved on the side in crimson garamond style for the letters and Roman numerals for the numbers and fire black energy shots.

Name: Orihime Inoue
Affiliation: "Ryoka" (Unorganized) Agents, Shinigami (Ally)
Weapon Name: ShunShun Rikka
Mode(s): 3
Mode 1 Name: Santen Ketsuhun
Mode 1 Ability: Sheild Shot (Yellow Energy)
-- Anything behind the shield is protected from damage. --
Mode 2 Name: Soten Kishun (White Energy)
Mode 2 Ability: "Refelction" Shot
-- Anything beneath the "reflection" is restored. --
Mode 3 Name: Koten Zanshun (Red Energy)
Mode 3 Ability: Slicing Shot
-- Anything the shot passes through is sliced in two. --

Other Data:
Inoue Orihime did not initially plan nor expect to be contracted as a secret agent, but due to her involvement with Kurosaki Ichigo and exposure to his reiatsu, her own was awakened. She came into her power directly when she and two friends were attacked by a hollow at school. After spending so long being protected by others, and watching her friends be hurt by the hollow Orihime decided to be the protecter for once and was rewarded with the emergence of the ShunShun Rikka -- a double-action revolver. With it emerged six faeries, which in different combinations become the cylinders for the revolver to activate the different modes.

Each of the gun's cartriges has 6 shots, though there is a short recharge period (15 seconds) between shots. Koten Zanshun also has a very heavy kickback that makes it very difficult for Orihime to use. Due to the nature of her gun there is no "sealed" or standard mode like on Zanpakuto class guns. Shun Shun Rika has an ivory colored casing with accents in dark pink and green. There is a charm in the shape of her hairpins hanging from the bottom of the hilt of the gun. The gun's name is engraved in a dark green "handwriting" font along the length of the barrel on the left side.

Orihime was part of the group that went to Soul Society with Ichigo to rescue Rukia after she was arrested. She has since become an unofficial part of the Shinigami agency even though she is still considered an uncontracted agent.

Known files for Arrancar Data: 6

Name: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
Codename: panthershot
Affiliation: Arrancar
Weapon Name: Pantera
Mode(s): 1
Mode Name: Grind
Mode Ability: Barbed shots
Other Data: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is ranked 6th in Aizen's army. He usually wears a suit of some kind.

His gun, Pantera, is black with the name on it scratched in silver and fires blue energy blasts. In Grind mode, he can fire barbed shots that stick into the point of contact with an enemy and require either Grimmjow to be defeated or surgery to remove.

Name: Nel Tu
Codename: halfponyexpress
Affiliation: Arrancar, Shinigami (Secret)
Weapon Name: N/A
Mode(s): N/A
Mode Name: N/A
Mode Ability: N/A
Other Data: Nel Tu is a mysterious and small Arrancar that works with Neliel Tu Oderschvank in Las Noches. Whenever Neliel finds out information, she gives it to Nel to take it to the Shinigami. Nel's favorite Shinigami is Ichigo Kurosaki, and she refuses to give her information to anyone but him. She has no gun or known abilities, asides from her vomit that can heal wounds and the basic Arrancar ability of Echo Step.

Name: Szayel Aporro Granz
Codename: wataboutscience
Affiliation: Arrancar
Weapon Name: Fornicaras
Mode(s): 1
Mode Name: Sip
Mode Abiity: Paralysis at site of contact
Other Data: Szayel Aporro Granz is the resident scientist and inventor of Las Noches. He usually wears a white trenchcoat over his outfit and has black boots. He is ranked 8th in Aizen's army. He created all the weapons that the Arrancar use. As such, he has secretly created a way to disable their guns by use of a special frequency if they ever turned against him. He can also use this frequency against his opponents of other races, if he fights them long enough and figures out theirs. Other technologies he is responsible for creating is wireless headsets and cell phones for communication. He has modified his glasses to nearly be a portable computer, allowing him to scan things and process data while in battle.

While he is more focused on technology, he does dabble in biology, having created or modified all of his own Fraccion and using them as test subjects for his new creations.

His gun, Fornicaras, is silver with black cursive writing and fires pink energy blasts. When in Sip mode, it fires shots that paralyze on contact.

Name: Neliel Tu Oderschvank
Codename: gamuza_gatilera 
Affiliation: Arrancar, Shinigami (Secret)
Weapon Name: Gamuza
Mode(s): 1
Mode Name: Declare
Mode Ability: Drillshot
Cero Doble Attachment: Limited number of purple blasts.
Other Data: Neliel Tu Oderschvank works with the small Nel Tu in Las Noches.  While she works for Aizen, she and Nel secretly work for the Shinigami and pass information to them by the means of little Nel.  Neliel used to be an Espada, but was demoted after a violent attack from Nnoitra and Szayel that left her with a concussion that temporarily kept her from being able to battle.

Being an assault Rifle, Gamuza has more parts than most guns.  Barrel, clip(s), grip and firing mechanism are all a very dark, hunter green.  The stock, however, is white, and the lettering on the stock is (in Engraver’s Roman Font) says ‘Gamuza’ in pale green.  The Cero Doble attachment is white as well with purple trim.  Gamuza fires pale green energy blasts in normal mode, while the Cero Doble attachment fires stronger purple energy blasts, but cannot be used many times at risk of incapacitating the gun for an unknown period of time.

Name: Ulquiorra Cifer
Codename: batte_de_fusil 
Affiliation: Arrancar
Weapon Name: Murciélago
Mode(s): 2
Mode Name: Bind
Mode Ability:
1st Mode: Belt-Fed minigun with backpack carrier for ammunition (in place of wings )

2nd Mode: Through his own personal modifications, the belt feeds directly into Ulquiorra’s back, thus allowing him nearly-infinite rounds, and the weight of the backpack is rendered void. Ammunition is limited only by his own personal reiatsu/strength.
Other Data:
Ulquiorra is the 4th Espada in Aizen's army.  He does not get along with Grimmjow, and he finds the little Nel useless and avoids her.  While, like the rest of the Arrancar, his gun was made by Szayel, Ulquiorra has modified his own, allowing a second mode, which is kept secret from even Aizen.

Ulquiorra's basic energy shots are a bright green color.  The barrels and firing mechanism are dark green ( the same shade as his eyes ) and the handles, grip, and trigger guard are black with white trim. The ammo belt is white with black trim.  Murciélago is written in white cursive on the gun.

Caliber  7.62x51 NATO
Length 801 mm
Barrel length 559 mm
Feed belt in 1500, 3000 or 4500 round containers
Rate of fire 3000 or 4000 rounds per minute, fixed

Name: Ggio Vega
Codename: tigerhysteric 
Affiliation: Arrancar, Fraccion
Weapon Name: Tigre Estoque
Mode(s): 2
Mode Name: Bite and Shred, El Sable
Mode Ability: Rapid Shot
1st Mode: Drawing upon reiatsu reserves Ggio's firing rate and capacity increases from an average of 8 shots to 14 before he needs to recharge.

2nd Mode: In this mode Ggio sacrifices his faster and increased firing rate for shots with greater power. Only 6 shots can be used, 3 for each gun, before they revert to their original form, and need a minimum of an hour to recharge. This is a last-ditch attack seeing as Ggio does not have complete control of his reiatsu.

Other Data: Ggio Vega is a Fraccion who serves under the Segunda Espada, Barragan Luisenbarn. He comes off as childish and a bit smart-mouthed which belies the detached efficiency in which he eliminates targets. For the most he's an errand boy of sorts for Barragan, most commonly dressed in a long Mandarin-style jacket with a diagonal zipper, rolled-up sleeves and an open collar which show gold embroidery on the inside and slacks made of black silk, and flat martial arts shoes.

Tigre Estoque is fairly unique among arrancar weapons in that Szayel was unable to compress Ggio's erratic power into one gun, so instead they are a pair of Beretta M81 semi-automatic compact pistols. 'Tigre' is the black left hand gun which goes into 'Bite' mode and is used for long distance and slightly stronger shots, and 'Estoque' is the silver right-hand gun which goes into 'Shred' mode for rapid fire and the gun used for quick-draws.

Tigre Estoque shoots bright golden-yellow energy, and its name is written, when held, on the inside of both barrels in a light golden Vivaldi font. They also feature intricate engravings done during times of boredom between missions by Ggio, as well as a 'wood-burn' (made with his own reiatsu) etching of a tiger on the synthetic wooden grips.

Known files for Quincy data:  1

Name: Ishida Uryu
Codename: [info]quincy_gunner 
Affiliation: "Ryoka" (Unorganized) Agents, Quincy
Weapon Name: Kojaku
Mode(s): 1
Mode Name: Ginrei Kojaku
Mode Ability: Licht Regen (Firing 1,200 shots simultaneously)
Special Equipment: Silver tubes, Seele Schneideren
Silver Tubes: While he cannot, like Shinigami, cast Kido spells, he can use silver tubes in which spiritual energy has been stored to mimic these effects.
Seele Schneideren: The five Seele Schneideren Ishida possesses work much like they do in the normal Bleach universe, at least in close combat. However, instead of functioning as arrows, they have a secondary use as catridges for the Ginrei Kojaku, allowing him to fire incredibly powerful blasts-- with high kickback. However, doing so drains the Seele Schneider of its charge, making it impossible for him to use that individual Seele Schneider as a sword or a catridge again in that fight.

Other Data: Ishida is currently unaffiliated with the Shinigami, due to his agreement with Ryuuken in exchange for returning his powers-- though Ryuuken also modified his weapon. As such, while he will assist Shinigami and their allies in combating Arrancar, he will not cooperate with Shinigami agents, nor will he socialize with them.

The Kogaku is a blueish-silver semi-automatic pistol marked by a Quincy Cross at just above its handle. While previously it was able to shift into a mode known as the "Final Form", greatly increasing the strength and speed of the shots fired at the cost of its wielder's access to their reiatsu, Ryuuken has modified it so that instead its secondary mode is the Ginrei Kojaku, allowing Ishida to fire 1,200 shots simultaneously, though this particular technique is extremely taxing on the user. LIke all Quincy firearms, its bullets are formed by its wielder's reiatsu, giving Ishida unlimited ammunition, as long as his willpower and reiatsu don't give out. However, again, he may only use each of his five Seele Schneiders once in the course of a battle as a catridge before they become drained, forcing him to conserve such a powerful shot for emergency situations.

Additionally, it should be noted that, unlike the Ishidas of most universes, due to being the only Ryoka with close-combat weaponry and abilities, he is their close-combat specialist.

Other unsorted data: 4

-All guns have a 6 consectutive shot accuracy limit. After 6 shots, the accuracy is steadily decreased. People that know their guns well or have other abilities can sometimes compensate for this for extra shots.

-Vizard affiliation is currently unknown. It is presumed that they will work with the Shinigami.

-Shinigami can have up to two modes to their gun. There is a switch on their gun that allows them to activate their different modes. The modes have a more powerful attack than the previous mode. The first mode is called Shikai and the second is called Bankai.

-Arrancar can only have one mode to their gun. There is a switch on their gun that allows them to activate their mode. The mode has a more powerful attack than their regular mode. Their mode is called Resurreccion.
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